It is hoped that this website will provide an alternative to the mainstream view of our country and the directon it is going. Many discussions promote ideas that just might stimulate others to consider and bring forth their own ideas. Just imagine what a 'think-tank' of ideas that originate outside the "beltway"  might accomplish ! Less government is possible with more original ideas.... D. Spence


30.10.2020 05:54

Mack Beier

French Southern Territories

08.10.2020 18:37

Mathias Muller

backing up

06.10.2020 01:11

Kirk Bailey


12.04.2020 22:34


Can only hope the follow up is positive news with bigger and better break throughs for treatment of this virus and preparedness for future similar viruses

12.04.2020 22:12

Raymond Marks

Codes specifically reserved for testing purposes

06.11.2014 00:34

Penelope Esplin

Hi, Are you the Dennis Spence who wrote the book "Look out for the Ordinary Traveller"?

06.11.2014 03:10


No... But it sounds like something I might enjoy reading as a frequent traveler! I've written stories for outdoor magazines plus professional journals, however.

07.05.2014 18:02

Uncle Billwie

We are gonna have to rename you Dennis Aristotle Spence. Way to go. Interesting ideas, but you're now on the NSA's "watch list".

30.03.2014 01:35

Jeannie Reed

Great site Dr. Spence. I always thought you should run for President.

22.03.2014 00:56

Susan Norvell

excellent site---well written and thought provoking comments--You are providing insights to situations that I had not considered. Very well written. If only our current leaders could think this way.