Jun. 23, 2017

media fueled violence

The world is now experiencing the consequences of mass media distribution through "social" media. What was intended to be a fun way to stay in touch with friends, family and others with similar likes has evolved into an all-consuming method of disseminating whatever one takes to be factual, whether or not fact is part of the equation. This has put the world on a dangerous path of information overload, a path that can influence those already struggling with the realities of life. When the mind of a compromised, mentality or otherwise, individual is inundated with questionable or spiteful rhetoric, that mind can be convinced that a violent response is justified and even necessary. The media in general needs to be aware of this fact before the spectre of censorship rises in order to insure safety. How sad that stupidity and greed always go hand in hand to the detriment of the common man. Unfortunately, politicians, the hollywood crowd and others have bought into the mass media hysteria in the hopes of keeping their own names in the spotlight. The end result? Expect more violence and expect it closer to home as time goes by. Can we really do anything about it? Yes, but it will take personal fortitude to stand up to anyone or any group that promotes a violent response by boycotting the perpetrators, be they politicians, media personel, actors or writers.