Oct. 11, 2014

will political correctness be our downfall ?

Political Correctness will be the downfall of the United States and other countries that consider themselves to be advanced societies of compassionate people. Here in the United States we strive so much to give the "downtrodden" a voice that we lose sight of the fact that we are a Republic, not a democracy, and as such, decisions should be made that benefit the whole of the nation, not necessarily some "downtrodden" minority. This simple fact alone is often lost on those who raise the loudest voices of protest, forgetting the huge sacrifices that have been made in the past that allow them the freedoms to protest.  Certainly we want to protect and provide for those in need, but when the security of the nation as a whole is at stake, one must realize that steps that are not PC are often necessary. Just what is Political Correctness ? The term alone identifies it as taking a position on any given topic in order to win or maintain political favor in hopes of gaining votes ! Our fore-fathers were not PC, and in fact resorted to name-calling and making misleading statements in order to make a point. Our current politicians continue to name-call, but are careful not to offend, and certainly they have perfected the art of deception. However when that same deception becomes self-serving and PC to the point that common sense is no longer in play, it is time to fully recognize exactly what the potential consequences may be.

We now face a number of potential threats to our security as well as our long term survival as a nation. Many scoff at this, stating that global warming, carbon emmisions, rising oceans etc are of greater concern, however things that may occur in the distant future make little difference if man-made catastrophic events such as nuclear weapons or "dirty bombs", biological warfare, or viral infestations are allowed to proliferate.  Political correctness has prevented us from acting on the most common sense solutions to many problems we now face. If you are Muslim and prefer wearing full coverage garb while traveling, understand you will be stopped and searched.  If you are an American of African descent, latino descent, or Aryan descent who insists on identfying yourself to your peer group by dressing a certain way, wearing tatoos of your "tribe" etc., realize you may be subject to 'stop and search' reveiw, especially in areas that have historically and statisically higher crime rates, often perpertrated by members of your "tribe".  If you, as a member within these ethnic groups, are not happy with what inconveniences these minority segments project upon you, then it is paramount that you, as an ethnic group, make the changes, not depending on society to endanger itself in order to accomodate your feelings of discrimination. Stopping illegal immigration at the the borders of the U.S. is not discriminantory or "racist", it is lawful protection of our country's sovreignty. Requiring a picture voter ID in order to participate in one of our most precious rights is not discriminatory any more than asking for ID to cash a check, board a plane or drive a car. I would bet that the same person who says he could not get a voter ID would somehow obtain one if he won a million dollar lottery requiring an ID ! Stopping or quarantining people who have been in west Africa where the Ebola crisis is centered is not "racist" but it is discriminating....against a disease we do not fully understand yet. 

The question now becomes, do we continue our path of Political Correctness to the detriment of our society, or do we take steps to ensure the protection and continuance of the society we have come to take for granted ?  Common sense must prevail.