Aug. 17, 2014

our southern screen door

The number of critical situations in the world have continued to increase, yet our government stands by either wringing their hands, pointing fingers at one another, or vebally chastising our enemies, and all the while, illegal movement continues northward through our southern borders. Why is this topic of border security more important than ever ?  The increase in Islamic activity bent on destruction of the west is more prevalent than ever. These miliatants not only have a similar ethic appearance as our neighbors to the south, but also can easily learn spanish, melting in with others crossing our borders. Picking up on a "middle eastern" accent mixed with recently learned spanish is not something most border patrol will notice, but when these individuals are released, rest assured they won't return to their country of origin. Now a new and even more insidious enemy has surfaced. The Ebola virus. As with AIDS, it only takes one individual slipping across our southern border undetected to bring this potential world catastrophe to our doorstep. So do we continue to wait and watch, shake our fingers yet proclaim our borders secure ?  It is time for the American public to realize that a real problem exists and solutions to that problem originates with our President, his advisory staff, and our congress in general. So how do we reward these people that refuse to take action in the interest of America, or worse, obstruct any attempt to correct the problem ? We re-elect them !! So where does the fault really lie ? With a complacent, non-informed public that finds it easier to re-elect incumbents than to research and understand the issues. Wake up America...while there is still an America to wake up to.... 

Jul. 16, 2014

Active security

With the growing problem on our borders, no one has yet come up with a viable solution. Border states claim, correctly, that it is a federal problem while the federal government continues to play partisan politics while failing to address the issue. If the federal government can't or won't act, the states have that power under the direction of our constitution. So why won't the states act or mobilize their National Guard Units ? The answer is money....who is going to pay for something that is the federal government's responsibilty. However, lets look a bit deeper and figure out where the federal money is ultimately going to come from. As always, that answer is from the taxpayer. What all have to realize is that the solution is like the old Fram Oil filter commercials, "pay me now or pay me later".....either way, we the tax payers, can pay less now, or pay much more later, that payment on a state or federal level, but a payment none the less ! Here is an idea....let all border states activate their National Guard Units immediately, requesting a percentage of cost to be paid by surrounding non-border states. Any surrounding states that refuse to help with the border state costs would then become subject to the border states bussing the kids to their states for their final disposition. Sounds like "tough love", but these are hard problems that all need to help solve on a state level since federal help is mired always. It can't hurt to try. I often say "do something, right or wrong, but do something !" Here's another idea. Ocean front beach communities frequently have shark problems and put up "shark nets" to keep them out. A "shark net" extending down the middle of the Rio Grande, going from subsurface to 3-4 feet high would stop the rafts and small boats as well as swimmers trying to cross. Cheaper in the long run than more boats and personnel and something that would not affect water flow or anything else.  There are solutions, we just have to look for them !