Nov. 21, 2014

world agency

Iran continues to insist that it wants to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.  In reality, we should be asking " why would they NOT want nuclear power as a weapon ?".  Any country logically wants to protect their own interests, their own ideology, their own way of life regardless of what the rest of the world thinks or wants. We only have to look as recently as WWII to understand that the principles of expansion (or imperialism) exist with almost every developed society wishing to enter the modern world. Along with that is the desire to be on equal footing with every other world power.  Currently we have a world nuclear regulatory agency funded by the U.N. (IAEA) but this commission simply monitors, when able, the developement of nuclear safety, disposal, and security.  What is really needed is a world-wide nuclear supply agency, in other words, an agency that not only monitors, but runs all nuclear power plants in the world. Anyone working in an international facility (much like the international space station) would be vetted by the U.N. and required to speak English, the current international language for another worldwide institution, aviation. All existing or planned nuclear facilities would come under the umbrella of this international organization and commissions running each facility would have members from the current U.N. security council as resident staff members.  There are answers to the peaceful proliferation of nuclear power but is the world smart enough to figure out a way to do it ?