Feb. 22, 2018

being TOO generous?

Please take the following story and add your own twist to it.....

Late one evening, a farmer hears a knock on the door. He is a little surprised as this farm, in his family for generations, is off the beaten path. On opening the door, he finds a man in his early 30's, somewhat haggard, and obviously hungry and wet from a late afternoon rain shower. The farmer, being a strong man of faith, decides to let the man in, offers him a meal and some dry clothes and a roof over his head. The next morning, while preparing to do his chores, he asks the migrant if he'd like to come along and help. After the two finish the chores, he decides to ask the man if he'd like to stay awhile longer in exchange for food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. The migrant replies "Sure, I'll stay and help....but only if my cousin can come help too". Since there was probably enough for all to do, the farmer agreed. The next day the cousin arrives, but with his wife and two children with him. Since the farmer had an empty cottage on his property, he decided to go ahead and let them stay, if they agreed to make necessary repairs and pitch in with other odd jobs. He even agreed to pay all the bills for the cottage. Once settled in, the cousin's wife then starts to cajole her husband into letting her contact her cousin so she and her children could also share in the good fortune that has now been bestowed upon them. They could all quitely stay in the cottage and would seldom need to go out since satellite TV and radio provided entertainment in their native language. They wouldn't even have to brother with learning the local language. The newest arrival realizes that the free food, clothing, shelter and healthcare is so wonderful that she surreptitiously informs other family members to come.  Finally, after paying more and more bills that get larger than he originally thought possible, the farmer realizes that the migrants are taking advantage of him. He sadly informs the original worker that he and his extended family would have to leave. The cousin's wife is incensed and said she saw and ad for a lawyer on TV that would make the landowner pay for making them leave! All they had to do was say he 'pushed them" or "touched them" and a suit could be filed claimimg sexual harrassment, racism, misogyny and bigotry. The ACLU stepped up, filed the suit and since the landowner had no money to pay the debt, the migrants agreed to take possesion of the home and all the land. The migrants moved into the farmers house and contacted more relatives to now move into the cottage. 

About a month later, the migrant worker heard a knock at the door. He opened it to find the old landowner, now a bedraggled man wet from an evening downpour, asking for some food.

Moral of the story? Are we as a nation of property owners now headed for diaster due in part to our own generosity? Are the privileged elitist so far out of touch that they don't think this could happen to them? I refer you to another topic on population dynamics....

Nov. 21, 2014


The gauntlet has been thrown down for immigration reform , with the pro/con proponents expressing their opposing views. Maybe it's time to sit back and carefully consider options rather than immediately responding in a negative way. First, one has to wonder how many of the current millions of illegal immigrants will really accept the option to become a registered "offender" and start paying taxes etc. From a benefit standpoint, many already stay under the radar and obtain food stamps etc.  For health care they only need to show up at an ER at 2 a.m. and we are required, by law, to care for them. Maybe the Republican response should be "O.K., let them register because now we will be able to track them should we decide in the future to change the law !" I wonder how many would then sign in ? Other nations have strict immigration laws including what kind of work one does as well as how big is your current bank account or retirement plan. This is one area no one has touched on as those granted citizenship will eventually tap into our already struggling social security system by working and paying into it just a few years. I am all for increasing the gene pool with valuable assets that benefit our country but much less enthusiastic about letting in those that will eventually be a burden on society. Humanitarian concerns for family unity won't pay the bill that will come due for future generations of legal residents. Another real concern that no one talks about is the depletion of the gene pool in the country from which immigrants come! If the brightest and most motivated end up under the U.S. flag, is this really helping their own country of origin improve it's standing in the world? Most innovations and advances in societies around the world come from those countries that are "the most advanced" at the time, and likewise, immigrants want to go there. The United States just happens to be the current hot spot just as Egypt, Rome and other places were at some time in history....until socialist style policies took away individual initiative and the immigrants began to outnumer the host nation.